Flash Block Game

I did an independent study where I did a 3D Block game in flash.
By game I mean more of a demo.

If you have time to load the 16MB gif on this page it shows what it’s all about.



It generates a pretty big terrain of blocks. A mini map in the top left corner shows you what blocks are there (only 4 or so block types).
When you are in travel mode the camera follows your mouse movements.
When you enter ‘building’ mode you can hold click down on a block to add it to your inventory, then cycle your inventory with 0-9 keys. And place them back down.

This game was made using the Away3D engine.

If you want to struggle through getting the demo to work you can click here:

When you click full screen, if the background is blue your good to go. If it’s black it probably didn’t work.
Once in full screen, right click your mouse which enables you to look around.
W,A,S,D keys to move around and space bar to jump.
Right click toggles travel/build modes.
Holding click down lets you get blocks.

Please enjoy some progress pictures that shows the progression of the game.


Generating a world of blocks


Basic block interactions


Wire frame side-view of world generation in real time


Camera movement on a ‘character’


Textures and lightning practice


Demo result


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