Flash Flash Tetris

My very first program ever written. Let’s just say I bit off more than I could chew. Coded in highschool I tried to program tetris with nothing but if statements.

After 30,000 lines of code I think it kind of worked.

One of the buggiest tetris versions you’ll probably ever come across. This became my ‘hello world’ of programming and if you explore more of this site you’ll probably see that.

Year: 2009
Language: Actionscript 3.0
Code: https://github.com/timkscripts/FlashTetris/blob/master/MainTetris.as
Demo: https://wordpress.com/customize/timkscripts.wordpress.com?theme=pub/revelar

If you select Tetris on the main menu the controls are as follows :
Arrow keys to move.
Shift to ‘hold’ a peice.
Space bar to fast drop.

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